In-House Training Curriculum

 On-Going Classes made available to
Chicagoland Realty Services Agents

1.Contracts and Proper Completion of Listing and Purchase Agreements - Class CON-101  3 Hours

You will learn how to complete and use all of the Chicago Board of Realtors Contract forms and all associated riders such as the Short Sale Addendum Attorneys Modification Rider, Radon Hazards Rider, Lead Based Paint Rider, Dual Agency Disclosures, Real Property Disclosures, CRA Exclusive Right-to-Sell Listing Agreements and Exclusive buyer Broker Agreements. You will learn the application of each document and how they are utilized in various real estate transactions.

2. How to Hold a Successful Open House - Class OH-101  2 Hours

See how to schedule and hold an Open House for a company listing and     increase the chances of getting a property sold.  Practice our proven method for generating solid buyer leads that come from open houses. We will teach the techniques that make buyers attach themselves to you within  2 minutes.  Role playing planned scripts to use at Open Houses.

3. Setting-Up Social Media to Increase your Sphere of Influence - Class SM-101  1 Hour

Learn how to create, update and manage social media sites to increase your sphere of influence with buyers and sellers. Also creating campaigns and content that people want to know about, Increasing your “Likes’ on Facebook, connecting with other professionals on Linked-In.  Exporting your contacts from social media sites into contact management services to allow you do send more broad spectrum relevant e-blasts.  Making Social Media work for you in a big way!

4. Implementing Techniques for Capturing New Contacts in Social Media – Class SM – 201   1 Hour
Engage people you don’t know to join your social groups.  Find the right people to connect with.  Learn how to qualify people as someone that might be instrumental in expanding your sphere of influence.  Taking the conversation off-line into face-to-face meetings and close a sale.


5. Prospecting for Buyers and Sellers - Class PBS – 101  3 Hours 

See how to put yourself in front of more buyers and sellers every day.  Gain insights to the FSBO mentality and know how to approach a homeowner whose listing has expired.  Where to find FSBO’s and Expired listings efficiently.  Learn how to quickly contact with them.  We will give you sources of leads and show you how to contact them with the right type of message.

6. Analysis of an Investment Property - Class AIP - 101  2 Hours 

Learn the basics of Investment Property. What makes one investment better than another?  How do you do the math to analyze an investment property for your investor customers.  Don't be the only person in the room that understands how to size up an investment property.  Be able to consult your investment clients and demonstrate ROI (Return on Investment).
7. Analysis of  an Investment  Property - Class AIP - 201  2 Hours
How to size a property up that may be a possible condominium conversion.  Understand what it takes to convert a structure into sellable units.  Learn about zoning requirements, construction issues, architectural considerations, construction timing, restrictions of the Illinois Condominium Act, timing of sales, purchase agreements and various other tenant / purchaser dynamics.
8. Performing your Best Listing Presentation – “Be loaded for Bear” Class LP - 100 2 Hours
Learn how to present an organized and powerful listing presentation to make the best impression to Sellers.  Organize you products and services and see how to present them such that it increases your chances of winning the listing.  Compete head to head with experienced agents and show Sellers how you work and how you can increase your chances of getting the highest and best price for their property.
9. Qualifying Buyers and Working with Mortgage Company Representatives - Class WBQ – 100   1 Hour

Learn how to use a buyers income and expenses to determine the amount of mortgage they can afford.  Most buyers are unclear how this works exactly.  Working with our Mortgage Company to pre-qualify your buyers and prospects.  Using this as a tool to help convince the buyer to work with you exclusively.
10. Working with Buyers and setting up Showings - Class WB - 101  1 Hour
Learn how to set up showings and pick just the right properties to show your buyer clients.  Completing the CAR Exclusive Buyer Agreement and understand when and how to present the concept of Agency to your buyers.  Organize the most efficient schedule for showings and learn how to debrief each prospective home with your buyers afterwards.   Analyze what your next outing might be with your buyers and put together a strategy of how to close them.
12. Negotiating the Best Deal for your Client - (The way it should be done) - Class NEG – 100  1 Hour
Learn the best negotiating strategy for your Sellers and learn how to use sales of comparable properties to make your argument to Buyer Brokers.  Also learn how to present your offers to Listing Brokers to increase your chances of getting the best price for your buyers.  Analyze what the best offer strategy would be for your buyers and sellers. Making smart counter offers that put you in the best negotiating position.  Learn how to present the offer to Listing Brokers.  What should your attitude be with the other broker?  How do you size up the brokers response?  Be the best negotiator you can be.
13. Salesmanship – Leading People to Make Good Decisions Quickly - Class SS – 100   1 Hour
This class is designed to demonstrate the many methods of sales that are transferrable to any product or service.  Using your skills effectively to lead your Sellers and Buyers to quickly make the best decisions for themselves We will review many active methods that make business happen sooner than later. No more casual meetings or showings or letting business happen on its own course.  Direct the decision making process for your clients.
14. Comparative Market Analysis – Demonstrating the Value of a Property - Class CMA – 100   1 Hour
We will work with the Midwest Data Multiple Listing Services  format to create a Comparative Market Analysis to create a great presentation for Sellers that include all of the Active Listings currently on the market as well as Withdrawn Listings, Expired Listings, Cancelled Listings and most importantly Sold Listings.  Using this information to determine the value of a property and how to implement this in a listing presentation.  Speak with authority when you talk to Sellers.
15. Getting Prospects to Know, Like and Trust you Quickly - Class KLT – 100   2 Hours
Learn how to befriend people in 3 minutes.  Making the right first impression and using relevant subject matter to develop an immediate conversation with someone you don’t know. People like to work with someone who has their best interest in mind   with those who they feel comfortable with.  Get comfortable with who you are and what you need to say next.

16. Closing Techniques - Class CT – 100   2 Hours
Getting to the point where you have the opportunity to actually “Write an Offer” or “Take a Listing” requires that you take certain steps and employ certain methods to make business happen in the shortest time frame possible.  We are not tour guides in this business.  Use proven scripts and sales tactics to get Buyers to buy and Sellers to Sell.  Control your time and get decisions made sooner than later.
17. Overcoming Objections - Class OO – 100   1.5 Hours
Nothing is ever PERFECT for anyone.  Life is full of imperfection.  These imperfections are called Objections and each Buyer and Seller will have reasons why they will not buy something, or not pay a certain price, or not consider a particular property or just basically not do something that might be good for them.  We will learn how to overcome a number of objections and turn that situation into a positive one for you and your client.  Be able to give your customers another way to look at things.
18. Creating and Placing Great Referrals Locally and Nationwide AND working with Relocation Clients - CLASS REF – 100   1 Hour
Learn how to make referrals happen and how to place them anywhere in the United States or Internationally.  Always keep in mind that you are a real estate consultant to your clients and you can assist them by overseeing real estate business in other cities or suburbs for free!
19. Time Management – Getting 8 hours of work completed in 2 hours - Class TM – 100   1 Hour
Make the most out of your day.  Schedule showings, lunch with clients and learn how to balance a variety of “busy work”.  Exercise conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially those that increase effectiveness, efficiency and productivityMake more face and phone time with prospects.  Learn how to move from one task to another quickly.
20. Branding Yourself – Make the most out of Who you Are! - Class BY – 100   1 Hour
Maybe you have a favorite niche in Real Estate you want to explore further.  Learn how to market yourself as an expert in certain areas of the business or in a certain neighborhood or even a building.  Control that niche by taking the right marketing steps to achieve dominance in a relatively short time. 

These classes are available to each of our Sales Associates and are held on a continuing and on-going basis.  Join our team today and learn how to make the most out of your business.  You are never too experienced to learn new ideas.  It might just be the boost you’re looking for to take your sales to the next level.  Learn more about Chicagoland Realty Services today!  Call Chip Cornelius at (312) 733-1300 or his cell at (708) 261-5160.  We look forward to hearing from you.